monitor and compare startups,

include yours and your competitors in all aspects.

MrAnalyze provides comprehensive and ongoing comparing/monitoring service every day to thousands of smart customers.

There are lot’s of public information

about you and your competitors on the web.
Why not use them to your advantage?

How to use them?

By the power of MrAnalyze!
MrAnalyze will monitor and analyze all information out there about you and your competitors, and he will convert them to understandable charts and numbers that you can find out everything at a glance. Also he will keep track of changes to any website and social media accounts and provide you a change log for you and your competitors. Everyone is under your magnifier 365x7.


You should never understimate the power of comparision. “Having the right information will determine the winner of competition”
  • encourage teams to work more
  • measure the positive or negative result of a decision
  • the final result of a website update
  • keep the history of startups growth
  • realize the consequences of a decision
  • find strengths and weaknesses
  • explore ways and strategies of competitors in the shortest time

How it works?

MrAnalyze is consist of two main sections:

1. Comparing

To compare you and your competitors with the power of charts and numbers everyday.

2. Monitoring

Keeping the track of changes and updates in all-aspects include daily screenshots, rankings & social media stats, profile updates, etc. to demonstrate the performance of any of you, and to do a comparision over history.
Private Reports all customer has their own panels, password protected, private and over HTTPS/SSL.
Privacy Friendly we never ask for your corporation, even in your panel there is not an option “your website”, we just ask for “websites”
No Need To Install Anything we use all public data, no softwares, no tracking codes. just simple settings in MrAnalyze.
Fixed-Price we really love clear pricing strategy, we don't want to confuse you and all customers are equal for us.
KISS-Based everything is very simple, also free unlimited support is included. Keep it Smart & Simple.
Team Friendly you can create unlimited access keys and share reports simply with your teammates by a secure url.
or take a look at the demo.
free for 15 days and then $TBA/month
if you decide to continue
all prices are fixed. tax included, no hidden fees